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Oldest Polish actor made his coming out at 100. „I don’t regret anything. I didn’t get married. I was born different. I’m gay.”

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Witold Sadowy, Polish actor and theater journalist, turned 100 in January this year. On this occasion, he was interviewed by Polish TVP Kultura, where he announced: I am gay.

Witold Sadowy is the oldest Polish living actor and one of the most respected theater critics and journalists. He made his stage debut in May 1945 on the stage in the role of Floris in Maurice Maeterlinck’s “Mayor of Stylmond.” In Warsaw’s Teatr Popularny. In his many years of career he has appeared on most of Warsaw’s stages. From the 1980s, he devoted himself to the work of a journalist and theater critic, and wrote several books about the subject.

Witold Sadowy’s coming Out. “I am proud that I was an honest man. “

The “Hundred years of Witold Sadowy” interview” was made on two occasions: firstly, on the occasion of the actor’s 100th birthday, and secondly – on the release of his new, seventh book “I Crossed the Hundred. Record of Memories 2018-2019”. Sadowy talks about the ethos of the actor’s work, about his involvement in the Warsaw theater world, as well as about his professional and personal life. At the very end of the conversation, the actor says:

For me the most important is the truth of survival. I am proud that I was an honest man. I don’t regret anything. I didn’t get married. I was born different. I’m gay.

You can watch full interview in Polish here.

4 Best Places to Get Graphical Assets for Visual Novels

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visual novel graphics assets resources dev

Vivid and engaging story and memorable characters are the most important parts of any Visual Novel, but the graphics is also vital for a successful game. After all, the genre is called “Visual” not without the reason. Memorable pictures of characters and detailed backgrounds will make the game feel more refined and professional. This is especially important and often overlooked for people that are writing their game-novel as a sole developers, writers and artists. After all, a game with lame graphics won’t be considered decent and no one will want to play it, even if you’re poured all your heart into the story. The game might be actually great, but it won’t get the recognition it deserves, if graphics quality isn’t there.

Don’t know where to get sprites (big character images or models), backgrounds or other graphical media files? Here are my personal picks to get the stuff you need for your games, both for free and as a paid resources. I’ve worked on a commercial project for some time and I’m now making my own VN (slowly but steadily) and I’ve used these resources in the process successfully.

1. DLsite: Japanese Indie Game Developers Paradise

DLSite is best known as a huge and highly popular Japanese marketplace with doujin (or fan) games, many of them are adult, but also music albums, CGs and various other quirky content made by Circles (which are Japanese word denoting a group of indie makers). It’s really an anime indie stuff paradise, unfortunately many of these wonderful creations are untranslated (or badly translated – though this seem to change recently!).

dlsite filters

DLSite search filters are really… something.

Putting doujins aside, most importantly there are a lot of resources for VN developers that can be used freely, even in commercial projects. Among some interesting graphics resources to use in your VNs I recommend checking following users:

Minikle: Fantastic collection of backgrounds, gathered in thematic sets, like Daily Life, Leisure, Mansion or Medieval, that should fill your needs in different settings.


Minikle has about 50 sets of different backgrounds, available for personal and commercial use in your VN, with day/night variants and various resolutions. 

Blue Forest is the biggest character sprites maker, offering about 30 sets of various CGs (some of them quite lewd). You can pick from old men, working women, highschoolers, fantasy characters and more. All files are intended to use in VNs, so are provided as .png files with transparent background and each character is available in full array of emotions.

graphics visual novel

emoji visual novels

Another quality and inexpensive background seller is Murakumo, a circle of makers offering tons of copyright free CGs (and currently on 50% sale).

cgs for visual novels
BUBU-K  is another circle, offering more pose materiales for Visual Novels, no attribution required and can be fully modified and altered even for commercial purposes. It’s art style is more mature manhwa than typical kawaii artwork with big eyes.

female pose visual novels

Interested in yet another character packs? Try Sugar Content 70%  – a maker that offers moe girls CGs, with “crediting and report of use are not required”. Really high quality and cute stuff, albeit of different style than Blue Forest.

visual novel graphics assets resources dev

DLsite also hold sales very frequently, and it’s worth checking their newsletter as you can get fantastic deals on assets, with prices reduced up to 90%. Once bought, items remain in your account, and most files have demos, so you can placehold them in your game.

2. Lemmasoft Forum: Number One Source of All Things Ren’Py

renpy art creation

Lemmasoft is the Ren’Py maker and its forum is number one source when it comes to all topics related this game engine. You can find answer to your every Ren’Py question there and there are entire subforum called Creator’s Corner dedicated to graphics, with free sprites to download and use. Additional, it has really big base of artists that you can commission to make you any artwork. Many of them are experienced Visual Novel graphics makers and they know exactly how to work with these kind of media, which is a big plus as you won’t need to explain anything to the artist.

3. Reddit: Your Friendly (and Smarter than Facebook) Online Community

artists for visual novels

Reddit is really good pick when it comes to looking resources for basically any hobby or activity, as it’s numerous subreddits contain professionals and enthusiasts from around the world in many niches, industries and fetishes (just don’t look at /r/cummingonfigurines/, okay?). If you don’t have an account on Reddit yet, create one and start using is as it’s fun and engaging. Here are the most interesting places (subreddits) for VN developer that you can find there:

  • r/VisualNovels: Community for discussing visual novels, their development, and the medium itself, focused mostly on playing the games, but you should follow it for industry news and deals on games.
  • r/Game Dev: Huge subreddit for aspiring game creators. Needless to say, there are plenty of tutorials and advice there, not limited to VNs. Resources are regularly posted there and you can filter it out to find interesting graphics and audio files.
  • r/Indiedev: 30k strong group for indie developers and gamers that also frequently share resources, ideas and motivational tricks (very important for every maker, as creating your own game can be a very draining process!).
  • r/RenPy: A subreddit dedicated to best and free Visual Novel game engine, Ren’Py.
  • r/VNDevs: Small group of Visual Novel creators.
  • r/ForHire: Looking to hire artist (or maybe even writer)? Post your gig here. There are 155k members either looking for freelance job or hiring. Be sure to read the rules before posting any offers.
  • r/Hungry Artists: Similar groups as above, counting 45k members. There is some fantastic (and not cheap) talent there and also beginner artists, so you would be able to find a fit to your budget. Again, read the rules before posting. Highly recommended.

4, Deviantart: THE Original Social Media Portal for Artists

Deviantart is another wonderful, very friendly and most importantly huge community for artists showcasing their work with now millions (!) of users from around the world. Many of them do commissions for Visual Novels. But where to find such people? There are boards dedicated to commision artists such as:

commission deviantart artist vn

Many people even provide illustrated guides with pricing and rules.

Scroll to comments section on each of these boards and browse artists. Then create a free account and you can then start sending your offers (through “notes”, which acts as a messaging system or by posting comments on their profiles).

A few important things to consider about copyright on Visual Novel assets

  • When commissioning an artwork, be sure to write a contract. This can be actually really simple message, a few sentences sent via an e-mail, describing your right to use the artwork for commercial purposes (ie. when you want to export your game into Android .apk file and sell it on Google Play store, which is actually very easy to do in Ren’Py). Some artists demand higher rates for games that aren’t used
  • While you can find many more assets on the web, be aware that not all of them are actually free and many media files are just ripped off of other titles, sometimes even high budget games. Ren’Py by default doesn’t encode graphics and they’re just stored in game folder so they might be easily ripped. Some graphics might also be free, but are to be used only in personal, non-commercial projects. Check carefuly if there is some kind of license for the file you find, and if you can’t find any, just pass it. You can learn about all kinds of Creative Common licensing (often attributed to many files) at

As you can see, there are plenty of options available for VN creators that want to outsource graphics in any way, either by picking up resources or commissioning entirely new artwork. Have fun with your game and wishing you lots of success!

Ren’Py Review: Develop your first Visual Novel in 15 Minutes

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renpy visual novel maker

renpy visual novel maker

If you want to make your own Visual Novel, but you don’t think you have necessary programming skills, you’re simply wrong. It’s surprisingly easy with free Ren’py game maker. It’s the best tool for the job, allowing you to develop your own VNs from scratch with as little effort as possible. You can focus on dialogues, artwork and story, instead of wrapping your head around programming procedures. Take a look at what Ren’Py can do for you, and why you should start creating your Visual Novels now!

I’ve never programmed before! That must be so hard!

Not with Ren’Py, no. The script is editable in any text editor (Notepad++ in this case) and it looks like this:

renpy script

Scene – indicates start of a new scene or episode

With Fade – states that scene should start with screen fade effects

Play music – Plays music file from game directory. You can’t have easier commands than this!

mike – indicates that actor of this name should speak the phrase

“” – text to be displayed on screen

Everything else is handled internally. GUI is premade and you can choose among several templates or download more from the net, or just make yourself one if you wish.

As you can see, it’s extremely easy. It was built for VNs and it has trimmed all unnecessary commands, leaving only instructions important for the Visual Novel maker. Everyone can write a code like that.

It’s worth mentioning that Ren’Py packs demo game with tutorial, and there are plenty of tutorials available online, like the one below. Just follow the tutorial, modify the demo a bit and you’ll get hang of Ren’Py in an hour or so.

So how much it’ll cost me?

Despite all this treats, Ren’py is also totally free – actually it’s open source. You can develop big commercial titles or just indie game that you want to show your friends. It’s also not hard to imagine this software not only as a game maker, but also as an educational suite for learning programming, or maybe for creating some multimedia project for school. Embed some images, music or even videos, and you can make great presentation in no-time, with interactive component.

Deployment with Ren’Py

You’re not constrained to single platform, and you can quite easily port your VNs to other devices and OSes. While you’ll be developing for a Windows PC, Ren’Py has necessary modules for exporting your game into Android .apk files and iOS packages, so it’s easy to port the games to phones and tablets, not to mention MacOSX and Linux. Currently, there is even beta HTML5 support, which means you’re able to embed the game on the website. Game interface is supported for mobile devices and you don’t even need to do anything more with the game. Just export it, and that’s it. Though export to mobiles itself isn’t that straightforward, it’s not that hard either and it can be done in 20 minutes or so. Your game will support hardware buttons on your device, like go back and volume control.

This is by the way, also necessary to allow your game to be published in Google Play store. While Google has some quite strict requirements for developers to publish their titles in this world’s biggest app marketplace, Ren’Py passes them all. Which is another possibility to get your game known to the world – and even start selling it, if you want, making some money on your indie game!

Go beyond VNs

You can implement stat systems for games like RPG, item management, and add just any features you want that will make your game go beyond standard VN or kinetic novel. It’s not hard to make your game a dating sim or role playing game or even strategy, though obviously this requires more complex programming – which is still manageable even for a newbie.

make visual novel rpg

Loren the Amazon Princess by Winter Wolves is a commercial title that features battle system, RPG team development, strategic options, skill trees and lots more. All this made in Ren’Py alone, which highlights how powerful it can be, if you want to go beyond mere Visual Novel!

A few alternatives to Ren’py

Ren’py is simply the best Visual Novel maker. There are a few other similar dev engines, though none of them has the same wide range of features, portability and ease of use. Regardless, if you decide to pick other software, there is Tyranobuilder, available on Steam for about $15, which is basically a Ren’Py (uses the same base), but with graphical interface. I find it clunky, unintuitive and restraining, and despite having GUI, it actually makes deving your game more difficult and frustrating.

tyranobuilder visual novel maker

Tyranobuilder has user graphical UI, that supposedly speeds up development, tbut it’s definitely not my game maker of choice

Another alternative is Visual Novel Maker, which is even costlier at $60. It comes with a full suite of features, but it doesn’t look beginner friendly at all. Doesn’t look useful, though if you’re more experienced developer, you can take a look at its capabilities.

So in conclusion, why develop with Ren’py?

  • Very easy to get the hang of. You can make your first game (well, at least episode) in literally 15 minutes.
  • Your project can be expanded to more features, building more than simple VN.
  • Totally free for commercial or indie use
  • Games can be exported to almost all possible formats and can be published on Google Play or Steam.

In fact, both large AAA titles like excellent “No, thank you” were made in Ren’py and free indie games. It’s powerful tool in the right hands of seasoned developer, and at the same time its sheer simplicity makes it easy to work with even for a total newbie.

game made with renpy

“No, Thank You” and hundred other games were made in Ren’Py

So what are you waiting for – get your feet wet in developing visual novels and see how easy is to make one. Write script, add some graphics (there are plenty of free sprites and backgrounds), slap royalty free music (even easier to come by), and develop a game in Ren’py. It’s easier than you think and it’s a lot of fun!

Get to Work with Pretty Dudes in “Men Bang”

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gay game pornstar

While there is a lot of yaoi manga and even some good gay anime like recently reviewed Junjou Romantica, when it comes to games, we aren’t spoiled. Luckily, Nutaku is publishing new LGBT games constantly and updates released titles, so you can get your fix of gayming thanks to their hot games, like Men Bang – kind of adult business sim and a casual clicker in one that features real pornstars.

This online game lets you start porn company, and employ dudes working on your XXX videos. As you can imagine, it’s pretty explicit, so if you’re looking for subtle romance and deep and engaging story similar to “No, Thank You”, it’s not here. But if you’re a fan of casual relaxing clickers with steamy sex – then you’re on the right track.

gay game pornstars

The game even features real pornstars talking kinky

If you’ve ever played other browser based games where you build some town or maybe harvest carrots on farm where everyone’s gay, it’s pretty similar, in a way that you’re gradually progressing by completing various tasks and unlocking new scenes. Basically, you’re adult movie maker, starting from single camera and building your enterprise to multi-million company. But first, you have to persuade your buddies to act on the camera, level up your relationships with them, improve your studio and unlock new skills. It’s pretty enjoyable, as you will be rewarded not only with (virtual) cash, but also with some really kinky sex. Also it’s worth adding that it is a gay version of previously released straight game with girls.

gay game men bang

Perform various actions to convince your friends to star in your film. You can even get your dudes to a date.

But even when you’re not directly playing the game (on your PC or smartphone), money is collected and skills are improved passively. There’s certain limit to as much money you can get. Offline progress can be stored for up to 7 days, so it’s worth play it once in a few days – especially that you’re getting daily bonuses for logging in too.

gay progress

I’m actually not well versed with male pornstars, but the game features real hunks like sweet Johnny Rapid, or gym rat Francois Sagat – about 30 in total. Getting more  guys rewards you with unlocking new skills. Unfortunately there is no voiceover, but the dialogues are funny and lighthearted. A bit like spicy gay rom-com.

gay game pornstar

Sexy game with horny dudes

I also like different art direction that doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill hentai anime. Instead, it’s similar to old Flash games that I really like. BTW, I am actually against phasing out Flash from browsers, there was so much great content made in yesteryears on Newgrounds and similar sites and it’s a pity that it will be now harder to get. I know Flash is an old tech and full of vulnerabilities, but the retro look and old charm of games and animations make it really feels like it was internet pioneer. I even posted some Flash games here like Keric’s Complex 3.   It’s Adobe’s fault, that after buying it out from Macromedia, they let Flash become obsolete by not making enough patches to cover bugs and not releasing new versions, updated to modern standards. Real shame!

Going back to “Men Bang”, it’s made in HTML5, so it will be fully available not only on desktops, but also on tablets and smartphones, no matter which browser you’re using. But it was definitely inspired by independent Flash titles and I’m sure that art team worked previously in this software as it looks really similar, like it was drawn with vector graphics, instead of standard sprites.

retro gay flash

Just look at this artwork: looks retro in a really good way!

Completing tasks unlocks new sex scenes and everything can recollected through a gallery later. There are plenty of husbandos to choose from, so everyone should find it’s cake. And that’s not all – there is even PvP sequence, unlocked at later levels, where you’re challenging other players from around the world in contest, like which of your performers cums faster. To win againsto ther players, you will need to level up guys and dress them in various costumes, that enhances their skills.

Why is Men Bang worth playing?

  • One of just few yaoi online games
  • Can be played on mobile devices: smartphones and tablets too,
  • Very casual browser game – just have some fun clicking,
  • Not your typical anime artwork,
  • About thirty hot dudes to ‘employ’ in your business,
  • Updated regularly with new content,
  • Not really Pay to Win, as it’s pretty casual (at least in the beginning)
  • Features real pornstars,

As title suggests, go have some fun and bang pretty hunks. Game is available on Nutaku and as it’s browser based, requires free registration. Try it now and click your way to men’s hearts!

play men bang

Junjou Romantica: Classic Yaoi Anime Gay Romance

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misaki junjo romantica

Junjou Romantica is a twelve-episode yaoi series, based on Shungiku Nakamura manga, now considered a classic in Yaoi (or Boys Love, BL) genre.  There are already 3 seasons of Junjou Romantica and here is my review of the first season of this gay anime.

The story begins when Misaki Takahashi is forced to live with Akihiko Usami (28, writer, bachelor) that helps him prepare for his university entry exams. It quickly turns out that Usami, who happens to be also award-winning novelist, has some quite strange habits. While he is a professional writer, he pays no heed to deadlines, and acts quite childish, if not perverted.

Usami is is the popular author of boys’ love stories, written under a pen-name, in which he realizes his sexual dreams. As you can easily guess, living together will have far-reaching consequences for both men.

junjo anime gay

There are all kinds of bishounen guys in the manga and anime, with the main plot being the romance of Misaki and Akihiko. This is interspersed with the stories of two other couples, in one way or another connected with the characters, be it a common past or a workplace. In the Junjou Egoist part, we have a childhood friend Usami, Hiroki Kamijou – a very serious and secretive young man focused on his academic career – and Nowaki Kusama, who … fell in love with Hiro at first sight.

Junjou Romantica misaki usagi

The third part, Junjou Terrorist, presents the beginnings of the union of Professor You Miyagi, a colleague of Hiroki from Mitsuhashi University, and a juvenile “emotional terrorist” – Shinobu Takatsuki, who skillfully uses his personal charm and Miyagi’s sense of responsibility.

misaki junjo romantica

Main characters: Misaki and Akihiko

Fortunately for the series, its main strength is perfectly outlined characters and three different stories of relationships that forms an interesting puzzle. The gentlemen are charming, frustrated, funny and romantic. The anime do not fall into exaggerated melodramatism and the character aren’t despairing over their miserable lives – it’s more like a gay rom-com. On the contrary, the viewers are often rewarded with wholesome scenes, sometimes drawn in superdeformed style.

There are also some interesting supporting characters, most of them related in some way to Usami, whose appearance is usually aimed at pushing the given relationship in a specific direction and entering the next stage. And since yaoi, there is sex. Almost every episode contains scene with a clear sexual overtones, often blurred, but unambiguous enough to have no doubt what exactly happened at that moment. Interestingly TV releases (which includes streaming) are censored, while DVD version isn’t.

Music and voice acting

Opening Kimi = Hana, is performed by pigstar, and the melodic ending is sung by the SCRIPT band. Both are catchy j-pop songs, typical for slice of life anime. There are also some really good seiyuus (anime voice actors), including Takahiro Sakurai (Misaki), known for his roles in Princess Mononoke and Zombie Loan, Kentarou Itou that gave its voice in Bleach and Demonbane. There are even more superstar seiyuu in supporting roles such as Toshiyuki Morikawa or Ryoutarou Okiayu.

junjo romantica game

In conclusion

Junjou Romantica is universally well acclaimed and offers 12 episodes of funny and heartwarming commedy. You’ll laugh a lot watching the anime and while it’s not a hentai, there are some quite nice ecchi scenes. Also, don’t forget wait for the bonus scene after the end credits, usually referring to a next episode. This is a series for almost everyone, but due to the ecchi scenes mentioned earlier (not too explicit), I would recommend it for ages 16+. It has raving reviews from girls, so it’s definitely not LGBT-only anime. Just watch it for fun and for some hot guys!

Interested in some hot yaoi games? Check out fantastic free titles like Cockville or Fap CEO.

yaoi games

Trap Shrine: Visual Novel about Crossdressing Goddesses

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trap game gay

trap game gay

Sexy Mikos (Japanese shrine girls) and Goddesses fighting each other for the place in your heart, except they’re not actually a girls? Crazy idea! And a cool setup for the new Visual Novel, finally published in the west by Eroge Japan in English. See the review and discover why you should play this game, even if you’re no homo (because, as everyone knows, it’s not gay if they’re traps!).

Trap Shrine: Visual Novel with cute crossdressers

Here’s a trailer. The game deserves more recognition!

If, for any reasons, you don’t know what the Trap term means, it’s just another word for crossdresser, a term coined from Star Wars meme. It’s kind of cute, as many crossdressers deliberately use it on Instagram, Reddit and whatever they post selfies, and I believe no one should be offended – let us not be drama queens! The English publisher of “Trap Shrine” developed by Japanese No-Strike thought the same, and so the game got its name.

The premise of the story is that you’re a guy named Masato that had the fortune (or in some cases misfortune, as you’ll see in the game!) to live with the noisy deity of near Shinto shrine that broke free from sacred bonds and claims that you’re now “her husband”. To make matters even hotter, Masato has sister, and as you can expect, she’s a crossdresser too! (BTW, I’ve just remembered Steins:Gate, awesome and thought provoking anime that features similar character). Then there’s incarnation of Komainu – the lion statue warding against evil spirits you’ll see at the entrance to many Asian temples – and some other characters!

trap cat gay

Yup, there are plenty of anime tropes

This is a story that should make you smile, so the characters are really likable. They’re cute, clumsy and adorable – and built on typical anime tropes. It’s not even easy to pick up your favorite waifu (or husbando?) as their antics are really enjoyable. The art is full of charm. Major characters are fully voiced in Japanese and seiyuu’s got it really good, on major anime level.

I’d like to see it as a visual novel with full array of choices, but it’s only a kinetic novel with single ending. The story is definitely interesting and you’ll be surely rooting for the protagonist. Translators also did pretty good job, and unlike some titles hastily translated from Japanese, this one is written well, without overuse of confusing Japanese honorifics.


story gay trap

And the overall story is wholesome.


wholesome game

As in other Visual Novels, you can rewatch the scenes in gallery, however it unlocks only after completing the game. There are about ten h-scenes and while they’re not animated, voice acting and writing make them hot. I also liked ambience, as the music fits the action and it has this distinct traditional Japanese flavor.

trap cum game

“You sure will”, as there are plenty of hot (and quite romantic and sometimes quite dirty!) scenes here. There are no forced sex or netorare or anything like that, story is lighthearted unlike a bit dark No, Thank You! Plenty of happy love-making out there!

Worth playing?

Definitely. There are not that many games about crossdressers (actually, the only other one I can think of is Cross Love) so we’re not spoiled for choice. While traps feature in many games, mangas and anime, they’re rather supporting characters and here every character you’re romancing is crossdressing. But even if you’re not into kawaii traps (c’mon, everyone loves them!), it’s worth to pick it up, as the story is highly entertaining and fun – just like good anime.


+ One of the few games about traps.

+ Fun and entertaining

+ Just a kinetic novel – so there is one ending only


Not too long – should take you no more than 4 hours.

Scenes aren’t animated

The game is available on Nutaku and as a commercial title is offered by $9.99 – a fair price for the contents. If you’re interested, see it on LGBT page and play it now!

trap shrine download

Fap CEO: Build Your Gay Chat Empire

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personality gay game

Have you ever dreamed of building your own video gay chat empire, earnings millions and becoming a Chief Executive Officer? Start managing your own porn business and fuck some eager employees, ready to jump on your cock. Fap CEO is another casual online game from Nutaku, featuring tasty artwork and incomplicated gameplay. If you’re looking for deep mechanics and dramatic storyline, you won’t find it in this game, but if you’re here for a carnal cock fest, that might be your best bet! 


gay game online

Since it’s a casual game, don’t expect elaborate puzzles or hardcore difficulty. Just pick your employees, level them up, watch as they earn cash – and you can’t go bankrupt. Your company makes money even when you’re offline (maximum 7 days), so even when you are offline, your fabulous worker bees will be hard at work, greeting you with a lump sum earned while you’re away.

gay game online

Story is presented through various events, sex scenes and conversation with your ready and willing subordinates in a form of chat. Be nice to them, and you will be rewarded!

There’s an element of clicker in this game, as clicking on your workers will make them work faster and earn you more money, and also keys. Keys are special rewards that allows you to open chest with prizes like tokens and more decorations. Keep hiring guys and you will be eventually rewarded with more and more money – and sex. Your employees also gain experience and upon leveling up, improve their abilities. Also don’t forget to claim your daily bonus, as the prizes will scale up for each day you’re picking it up.

There are even kind of PvP battles, where players compete with each other in leaderboard rankings for rewards.

personality gay

There are currently 15 workers to employ in your company, and you’ll be gradually unlocking guys. From eager hunks and ambitious office rats to coy geeks. I’m sure everyone will find its husbando in this game. At some point you can even move to bigger office, as your company will inevitably grow.

Speaking of decorations, you’ll be also able to decorate your office with various item you will be getting through completing certain milestones and from random chests.

gay manager game

Having your own office (you’ll get it once you complete first part) will allow you to unlock abilities from a tree.

Fap CEO is available in browser, on Android smartphones and there is even stand-alone downloadable version. So it should work on basically every platform, from PC to smartphone. There is also version with girls, that is basically a resking of this game.

Sexiness factor

When it comes to character design and overall style, it’s closer to western cartoons than to manga (unlike “No, Thank You“) and some people might find it refreshing, while others would prefer hentai yaoi style.

fap ceo

That’s some really big dick!

All scenes and sexy pictures are accessible through gallery, so you can always get back to your achievements and reflect on hot guys.

fap ceo

Unfortunately, scenes are not animated. But they’re very arousing nevertheless!


+ More than 100 scenes to unlock

+ 15 hot guys – surely more are coming

+ Well written. Chat with your employees is sexy and enjoyable

+ It’s free (with optional microtransactions).


Gameplay can be repetitive – typical casual online game with premium currency.

–  Not much in terms of challenge – just enjoy scenes

Fap CEO is available on Nutaku, and requires free online account. There are microtransaction for faster leveling, but game plays fine without additional payments. Go ahead and bang those sexy interns! 🙂

fap ceo play

4 Reasons why Warhammer 40K is the Gayest Sci-fi Setting Ever Made

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Warahmmer is gay space marines

Warhammer 40K, a grimdark universe with cult following and thousands of players around the world, that stems from tabletop miniature game, is considered “rightist” in some circles (whatever that means),  but I’m sure it’s the other way around. Warhammer 40K is actually the gayest science fiction setting you can find. I own three armies collected in several years, played WH tabletop RPG (it was actually Warhammer Fantasy 2nd edition, so not 40K) and this hobby always brings me hours of joy – so I know what I’m talking about!

4. There are only male Space Marines

Have you ever seen a female space marine? There is total absence of girls in the ranks of super human elite soldiers of God-Emperor and they’re suspiciously chaste and pure in the novels, games and fluff. They call each other brothers and nurture very manly friendships. And there are zero sex scenes in the Warhammer novels. Not to mention shiny, colorful armor of Space Marines.  It ranks suspiciously high on my gaydar! Who knows, maybe even God-Emperor was secretly homo? After all, ecclesiarchy doesn’t mention any wife, and why does he has only sons, and not daughters.

Warahmmer is gay space marines

I-it’s not like I don’t like you, battle-brother Gaydorius! Pic by Kain Moerder

3. Games Workshop might be the most inclusive mainstream gayming company

john blanche art gay

Adepta Sororitas by John Blanche

While rainbow flag didn’t flew on the long sword of Stormcast Eternal in front of Games’ Workshop HQ in Nottingham during Pride Month, GW certainly does what it can to empower the inclusivity. They state it very clear in company documents, articles in White Dwarf and recent change in art direction.

GW also has some bad reputation perpetuated about Sisters of Battle or some Slaanesh demons being “oversexualized”, but that is big nonsense. I didn’t know I had to use this phrase ever, but “As a gay, let me tell you something”. The Warhammer rose from wonderfuly weird 80’s post punk British aesthetic, plus eerie drawings of John Blanche inspired by baroque paintings of .

High heels, bombastic costume designs, strange outfits – but how it is too sexual to you? You could as well tell that gay icon Freddy Mercury is oversexualized, or maybe Sly Marbo, Warhammer 40K version of John Rambo, also 80’s icon. After all, isn’t sweaty hunk with big muscles and no shirt “oversexualized”?

It’s like keyboard knights bashing Cyberpunk 2020 creator for their perceived issues with racism – this is simply dumb. GW should reply to this accusation just like Mike Pondsmith – Who do YOU think you are to tell ME whether or not MY creation was done right or not?

death korps of krieg sexy

So, in conclusion Warhammer 40K is hardly sexualized –  except with Rule 34 fan made content where even Death Korps of Krieg has tits.

Oh, and did we mention, that you can collect an entire army or transgender demons? How cool is that?!

2. Painting miniatures and wargaming is mostly male hobby

When you go to any FLGS (Friendly Local Gaming Store), you’ll see mostly guys playing with their tiny plastic soldiers and colorful tanks (because camo concept apparently doesn’t exist in Warhammer –  and of course, Da Red is Fasta). There might be no gals, but hey – it’s a great way to make numerous friendships! Who knows, maybe you can find your future husband there? Come into any Warhammer store and you’ll have lots of fun playing with tiny plastic space soldier.

And hobby rooms where we’re painting little plastic (sometimes metal and resin) are called “man caves”. I wonder why?

GW is trying to tackle this issue (but is this actually an issue?) by introduce characters like female Stormcast Eternals to their Age of Sigmar fantasy line. Still a long way to invite more girls into the hobby, but it’s some start.

female stormcast eternal

Female Stormcast Eternal – now with boobplate!

1. If you play Tau, you’re gay

tau gay

I understand that though. I feel you bro! 😀

Have any thoughts about the gayest science fiction universe that is Warhammer 40K? Leave me a comment and let the Emperor guide your spear!

“No, Thank You!” – A Pinnacle in Gay Visual Novel Gaming

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visual novel best gay yaoi game

“No, Thank You!” was released in 2013 in Japan, and hit the western markets some time ago. It might be simply the best yaoi or boys love Visual Novel you can find, with deep, engaging story and a big budget, which shows from literally thousands (!) of CG scenes and voice acting. Artwork is drawn by Shigeo Hamashima a highly acclaimed adult manga and anime artist, known for titles like Euphoria. Enter the sótano bar, discover your true self and romance hot guys!


Game’s artwork is rich and beautifully drawn. There’s even 200 pages artbook released with illustrations from the game, available in Japan only.


There are plenty of different characters there, but the first person you’ll fall in love will be… the protagonist, Haru. This 22-year old long-haired guy declares himself as bisexual and is full of energy, has childish curiosity about everything and is always trying to get the job done.  There’s however a tragic past behind him and a one that he can’t remember as he has just been hit by a car, saving bar owner Inui and lost his memories.

Inui, 45-year old owner of several restaurants and a detective agency, that drinks a bit too much, shows his gratitued and employs protagonist in his cozy little jazz bar called sótano. But sótano is not just simply a drinking hole – there’s much deeper story and a secret behind it that I won’t spoil here.

haru inui

Haru and Inui drinking sake

How the game plays?

If you’ve ever played any Visual Novel, you know how it works. Chat with various characters, make the decisions and enjoy the story. There are several paths to choose and I suggest to play each story lines at least once to understand the characters. They’re definitely not run-of-the-mill stereotypes, but they feel genuine and real. Besides bar owner that you can romance, there is silent hunk Maki that is bar manager and makes some weird jokes, pianist Ryu that’s obsessed with cleanliness and initally doesn’t like you, or shy bartender Hiroyuki.

Maki is a big guy that doesn’t speak too often

Titular “No, thank you” is not only a slogan, but also a mechanic. While typically Visual Novels decisions’ revolve around programming ‘flags’ (ie. variables) that function as turning points in story branch, in this game whenever flag is triggered, a “No, thank you!” button appears on the screen. You can in either ignore it or click it and let it stand. This button will remain on-screen for several lines and it’s not always clear what the question is, but if you pay attention to dialogue, you can figure it out. Also, clicking on this button is not always “correct” option. Let your intuition guide you! It’s really fun mechanic that makes the conversation feel natural and unusual deviation from typical multi-choice dialogue options.

gay game review

It’s also really long and you can count at least on 30 hours on single playthrough, with lots of replayability, as there is at least six (or more?) different endings, depending on your choices. The plot is surely unpredictable, and there are bad endings too. And let’s just say that darker and mature themes are present too, so the game is definitely meant for adults and not only because of uncensored sex scenes.

Naturally, as the game takes place mostly in jazz bar, there are some catchy and mellow jazz tunes playing, to complement excellent voice acting.


Unlike Japanese version, the game is completely uncensored, so you won’t see the pesky mosaic, but “the real thing”. 2D husbandos are obviously cute and they were drawn in sexy bishounen style that should appeal both to gay people as well as to straight girls, which might be even major demographic for Yaoi works. There are lots of sex scenes and to see them all, you’ll need to playthrough the game several times.

no thank you

The h-scenes are masterfully drawn and they’re plentiful

yaoi gaming

It’s yaoi gaming eye candy

There’s also the option to adjust the amount of body hair, and for each character individually. That’s a weird setting, but hey – the more options the better, right? It’s also worth mentioning that game is full voiced in Japanese and the translation is phenomenal. Sex scenes feel natural and sexy and they’re long.


  • Uncensored
  • Romantic story that goes beyond the usual slice of life anime stereotypes
  • 3000+ event CGs (!) – definitely the biggest Yaoi game ever released, at least on English market
  • Up to 40 hours of gameplay
  • Fully voiced in Japanese – and voice acting is terrific
  • Since it’s Yaoi game, it should appeal to girls too


  • Priced like AAA title – but it’s worth it, as it might be the ultimate Boys Love Visual Novel

“No, Thank You!” is available on Nutaku for $39.99. Pick it now for some hot Yaoi action and romantic story in bishounen cafe or browse other gay games by clicking the button below!

no thank you game review

Nutaku announces $5 million investment in LGBT games

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nutaku gay games


You might know Nutaku from a host of online eroge games both paid and available for free, including hits like gay farm game Cockville. According to their latest press release they’re celebrating pride month too, and not in just a symbolic way, like changing the logo on company’s Twitter. Nutaku offers something much more substantial for the gaymers – a cold hard cash in a nice sum of $5 million spread out over the course of three years.

Nutaku’s communications manager Julie Hall said that:

“(This) new investment portfolio is born out of the flourishing number of adult gamers who identify with the LGBTQ+ community, empowering diversity within the adult gaming world,”

It’s really cool they decide to push more LGBTQ+ games in an effort to grow the inclusivity. Ideology aside, this might be simply a smart business move by Nutaku, as gay gaming niche is still not really explored by developers and besides some mostly Japanese yaoi Visual Novels and few casual games, there are not that much titles available for the players.

I wonder, what’ll get next. I’ll be happy with any genre that just plays well: be it new VN, casual clicker or maybe something much bigger. We don’t know any more specifics, but given that Nutaku releases new titles really quickly and their online games have regular updates with new content each two weeks to month, I’m sure we will see new games soon.

booty call

Nutaku has selection of online gay games, like Booty Call: Men at Work (sounds almost like Call of Duty!) mostly in free-to-play model and they also offer Yaoi titles from Mangagamer and other publishers

If you’re a game developer and you have an idea for a new game that will feature gender minorities, why not hit them up? They have cash to spend on your next project, so send them your proposal and see if they can help you with financing and publishing. Obviously, your game should have adult themes (or let’s say it more clearly: male porn), so if you’ve always wanted to develop an eroge, now might be your chance.

See all the Nutaku gay games and try some of the titles here.


Cockville: Delicious Farm Gaymer Experience

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cockville review

Living on a farm isn’t easy. Anyway if you want to try charming rural life collecting eggs and raising cows – and banging hot hunks at the same time, try Cockville. This latest (released just few months ago) free online game offers casual gaymer experience and some quite hot adult scenes.

Become the best farmer

The game takes place in a cozy village near the town and as you just bought a new farm, you need to build it from the start.

You’ll be able not only to produce fresh fruits and vegetables, but also breed farm animals for eggs, milk, meat and honey. Animals need to be taken care of, and you’ll need to feed them to keep them happy. Farming the produce allows you to fulfill various requests and craft more complicated products. Each completed request awards you with money, experience needed to unlock new features and most importantly, expands your relationship with customers.

Once you grow some crops, you’ll need to store and process them, so you’ll be building facilities like mill and warehouse or even juice bar for local hipsters.

game farm

New crops can be planted and your farm will grow in no time – and that means more challenges and even quests. Fortunately, there is tutorial that you need to follow up when playing first time and you can look into game help anytime.

Besides, the game isn’t too complicated and there’s no need to overthink too much. The facilities are placed automatically, you just need to decide when and what to buld, It’s a casual game that lets you enjoy building your farm, harvesting corn and breeding tasty cocks 🙂

gaymes free

Game features even crafting system, where you craft products from produce like corn and milk

The main story is also presented through Visual Novel-like scenes where you can chat with characters and the writing is witty and funny. Fulfill requests from the customers to become rewarded with these scenes!

cockville review

The game doesn’t take itself too seriously

But let’s say the game isn’t without its flaws. It features microtransactions as this is a browser game that certainly took its inspiration from mainstream casual titles like Farmerama, so you can speed up acquiring new boyfriends and get more resource if you shell some cash. In my opinion, if you’re not too impatient, the game plays totally fine – especially if you play it just a bit a day, as game rewards daily logging. You can unlock all scenes without paying and even the premium currency – crystals, is available in random chests that you can get from time to time.

Also, there are plenty of farming games like this one, so from gameplay point of view the concept is not that original (but it’s the first LGBT game of its kind).

gaym cockville

Cockville has dedicated Android app, so plays fine on smartphones. Doesn’t feature iOS app, but since it’s made in HTML5, browser version should work on iPhones and iPads too, especially that it’s optimized for mobile devices. You can also install optional PC client, but it’s not necessary. I think there’s also a straight version of this game – if you’re more into girls.


hentai farm game

There are ten gorgeous hunks to woo and there should be something for everyone. There is your personal assistant that’s always ready for the action and there is a little bit vain “Cumpump” gym owner that takes too much selfies.  My personal favorite is the older Andrea, as he is the Mayor of unnamed town and mysterious figure with many secrets – though him being gay is not a secret. As you can see, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously!

free gay hentai game

Sex scenes are animated (not every scene though) and while the animations aren’t on the level of hentai anime, they’re effective – I like them. They look similarly to Flash games of yore (some of them you can find here) and are rather quite explicit, showing the boys doing dirty thing, with no censorship whatsoever. Very hot!


+ 10 hot boyfriends, ready to plow the fields with you 🙂

+ More than 100 hot scenes to unlock

+ Fun, not too complicated gameplay

+ Regularly updated with new limited events, now with some sexy merman

+ Always nice to see more Gaymes


Microtransations (though as stated – optional)

Game seems to be in a bit of beta state, as some features aren’t accessible yet.

The game is available on Nutaku, and requires free account like any typical web browser persistent online game. Go ahead and harvest some tasty carrots! 🙂

play gay game

Cross Love Ep. 1: A Spicy Visual Novel about Crossdressing

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crossdress game

Cross Love is a Visual Novel about crossdresing that features plenty of laughs, romance and lewd scenes. See the review and discover what’s this game is about.

Crossdressing Comedy Kinetic Novel

Main protagonist called Yuu is rather cute, if not a bit airheaded crossdresser, with his sister constantly stealing his outfits! This doesn’t deter him from parading in a girly clothes – and a fact that he looks like bishounen definitely helps him in this endeavor. Yuu doesn’t reveal the fact that he is crossdressing and since he just now transfered to new school, he poses as a girl. As you can imagine, this leads to many antics, as his looks doesn’t betray his biological gender.

gender visual novel

Yuu getting ready to the school in her “Yuukari” persona

However, there’s one guy that especially likes “Yukari”, as Yuu is introducing herself to the class. Kiriya Ishii is an ordinary boy that doesn’t know Yuu is crossdressing – but quickly falls in love. After all, sexy is sexy, no matter the gender! As you can imagine, this leads to sweet romance, with lots of hijinx for quirky lovers.

crossdress game

There’s nothing more awkward than being in love for the first time!

There’s no voiceover, but it’s indie game after all, so big budget is not expected here. The music is calming though and it fits the mood, and there are even some sound effects.

This is a Kinetic Novel, so there are no choices to be made and the game is linear. There are plenty of Visual Novels and also mangas with gender-bending themes, but crossdressing alone isn’t feature that often. It actually might be the first game to feature this lifestyle or hobby if you prefer.

scene cross dressing game

Guys explore their bodies for the first time.

crossdressing video game

Yes, love-making scenes are not censored

This is the first and only released episode of the game, so far, so I’m definitely waiting for the next part!

crossdress pc game

Even if you’re not interested in crossdressing (yet), it’s still worth picking it, for the funny story and sweet yaoi romance.


+ Likeable protagonist

+ 5 steaming hot scenes

+ Lighthearted slice-of-life story

+ Nice, if not indie, art style

+ It’s the EP 1, and the creators from Top Hat

+ Works on Windows, Mac and Linux


– Not too long (total playtime should take you no more than 4 hours)

– Art direction might not be everyone’s cup of tea

In conlusion

The game was even featured on Steam, but unfortunately due to change in policy, it’s not available there anymore, as many other eroge games where purged too from this popular store. There’s no DRM of course, and it’s standalone game made in Ren’Py, so no need to install it.

You can get it from Nutaku for $3.75, (it’s on sale now from $5), which is adequate price of this indie title for the value and most importantly, this is possibly a first Visual Novel that focuses on cross-dressing. Wanna find out how their story ends? If it’s your thing, try it now!

cross love

Yaoi Game Jam 2019 starts now!

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yuri game jam 2019

yaoi game jam

This inclusive jam – or game making competition and showcaseis intended for beginner developers (even if you have zero experience), and anyone can join. Although uncomfortable subjects can be explored, developers should be considerate with themes used and fellow creators/players.

Your game must focus on queer relationships between men OR the queer male experience. This includes: gay, bi, trans, non-binary, aro, ace, pan, any male-identified LGBTQIA characters. NSFW games are okay! Entries that promote bigotry obviously are not allowed.

Here’s the theme of the game from its page on

Yaoi Game Jam is a two month long jam running from July 1st to August 31st, dedicated to making games—visual novels in particular—featuring male-identified characters in queer relationships. Traditionally, the term “yaoi,” also known as “boy’s love,” refers to female-oriented works from Japan, or works inspired by those works, that feature two or more male characters in a romantic relationship. However, this game jam is open to stories about all kinds of relationships between queer-identified men, from platonic to romantic, and everything in-between!

It’s worth mentioning that this jam was inspired by Yuri Game Jam, which first ran in Fall 2015 and was highly successful. Yuri Game Jam featured 34(!) fabulous entries from many genres, with most popular genres being visual novels.

yuri game jam

There are plenty of great independent titles released in Yuri Jam. Some even were commercially released. You can play the games here.

yaoi game jam

Among games presented in Yuri Jam were excellent Stranded Hearts dating sim. Unfortunately, dev released only demo that feature the first 5 days, only a part of the complete game (out of 30-45).

Back to Yaoi Games Jam

You can see the jam on and it starts in 7 days, from July 1st to August 31st – so you will have to months to make the game. If you don’t know where to start, there are plenty of game maker engines available for newbies. Here are some of my favorites and a perfect start for beginners:

  • Ren’Py: best Visual Novel engine. Totally free, and the games can be exported not only to PC, but also Android and iOS and even Switch (unofficial port). Extremely beginner friendly, and while it doesn’t have GUI, it’s really simple to use and you’ll be making simple visual novels in literally 30 minutes – it’s that easy!
  • Tyranobuilder: Actually a commercial port of Ren’Py with GUI, with similar features. Available on Steam for about $20, I find it having too many bugs and actually clunky, so I suggest getting the original thing.
  • Game Maker: Probably most suitable game engine for simple games, like platformers, 2D shooters or so. Has tremendous amount of modules and you can’t go easier with making games. About $100 on Steam. Exports on every device.
  • Unreal Engine: a choice of many developers, this is really powerful game engine that can make everything – from simple games to AAA titles, 2D, 3D, anything you wish. Not the easiest for beginners, but if you want to try it, go ahead. Free for indie developers. It’s not popular without a reason!

There are plenty of resources and tutorials waiting for these engines, and even if you don’t have prior experience, just try it out, you will be making simple games in no time. With tutorials you can maker your first game literally in less than an hour, and it’s lots of fun to create your own stuff. So, what are you waiting for? Make queer games for fun and science! 🙂 There are already 50 people joined in, so surely it will be as much popular as Yaoi contest held previously.

This is a fun way to start learning programming, so give it a go and see what you can do. Who knows, maybe this exciting hobby of game design will become your full-time job? Exciting career and money waits ahead in this industry that grows double digits each year – both in terms of budget and number of employees involved. Gamedev definitely needs more diversity, so go ahead and take part in Yaoi Game Jam!

egaymer - gay games

Flash Game: Touch and Tease 2

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Hiishi Mamoru, your bara office crush is ready for more steaming hot action! There are 3 bad endings, 2 good endings, and one of the good ending has secret dialogue. Give it a go a few times, and see all results!

(This is an Adobe Flash game, so it might not work on every device, especially on iPhones. Try it on PC or install Flash if it doesn’t work.)

Flash Game: Dick Gumshoe Night Attack

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gumshoe flash game

This doujinshi game features detective Dick Gumshoe, a Capcom character. Try to undress him, so he won’t wake up and you’ll get the reward!

(This is an Adobe Flash game, so it might not work on every device, especially on iPhones. Try it on PC or install Flash if it doesn’t work.)

Flash game: Keric’s Complex 3

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This time Keric finds out that some gay elves want to do naughty things to him. This short game is beyond amazing!

(This is an Adobe Flash game, so it might not work on every device, especially on iPhones. Try it on PC or install Flash if it doesn’t work.)

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