Cockville: Delicious Farm Gaymer Experience

Living on a farm isn’t easy. Anyway if you want to try charming rural life collecting eggs and raising cows – and banging hot hunks at the same time, try Cockville. This latest (released just few months ago) free online game offers casual gaymer experience and some quite hot adult scenes.

Become the best farmer

The game takes place in a cozy village near the town and as you just bought a new farm, you need to build it from the start.

You’ll be able not only to produce fresh fruits and vegetables, but also breed farm animals for eggs, milk, meat and honey. Animals need to be taken care of, and you’ll need to feed them to keep them happy. Farming the produce allows you to fulfill various requests and craft more complicated products. Each completed request awards you with money, experience needed to unlock new features and most importantly, expands your relationship with customers.

Once you grow some crops, you’ll need to store and process them, so you’ll be building facilities like mill and warehouse or even juice bar for local hipsters.

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New crops can be planted and your farm will grow in no time – and that means more challenges and even quests. Fortunately, there is tutorial that you need to follow up when playing first time and you can look into game help anytime.

Besides, the game isn’t too complicated and there’s no need to overthink too much. The facilities are placed automatically, you just need to decide when and what to buld, It’s a casual game that lets you enjoy building your farm, harvesting corn and breeding tasty cocks ๐Ÿ™‚

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Game features even crafting system, where you craft products from produce like corn and milk

The main story is also presented through Visual Novel-like scenes where you can chat with characters and the writing is witty and funny. Fulfill requests from the customers to become rewarded with these scenes!

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The game doesn’t take itself too seriously

But let’s say the game isn’t without its flaws. It features microtransactions as this is a browser game that certainly took its inspiration from mainstream casual titles like Farmerama, so you can speed up acquiring new boyfriends and get more resource if you shell some cash. In my opinion, if you’re not too impatient, the game plays totally fine – especially if you play it just a bit a day, as game rewards daily logging. You can unlock all scenes without paying and even the premium currency – crystals, is available in random chests that you can get from time to time.

Also, there are plenty of farming games like this one, so from gameplay point of view the concept is not that original (but it’s the first LGBT game of its kind).

gaym cockville

Cockville has dedicated Android app, so plays fine on smartphones. Doesn’t feature iOS app, but since it’s made in HTML5, browser version should work on iPhones and iPads too, especially that it’s optimized for mobile devices. You can also install optional PC client, but it’s not necessary. I think there’s also a straight version of this game – if you’re more into girls.


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There are ten gorgeous hunks to woo and there should be something for everyone. There is your personal assistant that’s always ready for the action and there is a little bit vain “Cumpump” gym owner that takes too much selfies.ย  My personal favorite is the older Andrea, as he is the Mayor of unnamed town and mysterious figure with many secrets – though him being gay is not a secret. As you can see, the game doesn’t take itself too seriously!

Sex scenes are animated (not every scene though) and while the animations aren’t on the level of hentai anime, they’re effective – I like them. They look similarly to Flash games of yore (some of them you can find here) and are rather quite explicit, showing the boys doing dirty thing, with no censorship whatsoever. Very hot!


+ 10 hot boyfriends, ready to plow the fields with you ๐Ÿ™‚

+ More than 100 hot scenes to unlock

+ Fun, not too complicated gameplay

+ Regularly updated with new limited events, now with some sexy merman

+ Always nice to see more Gaymes


Microtransations (though as stated – optional)

Game seems to be in a bit of beta state, as some features aren’t accessible yet.

The game is available on Nutaku, and requires free account like any typical web browser persistent online game. Go ahead and harvest some tasty carrots! ๐Ÿ™‚

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