Fap CEO: Build Your Gay Chat Empire

Have you ever dreamed of building your own video gay chat empire, earnings millions and becoming a Chief Executive Officer? Start managing your own porn business and fuck some eager employees, ready to jump on your cock. Fap CEO is another casual online game from Nutaku, featuring tasty artwork and incomplicated gameplay. If you’re looking for deep mechanics and dramatic storyline, you won’t find it in this game, but if you’re here for a carnal cock fest, that might be your best bet! 


gay game online

Since it’s a casual game, don’t expect elaborate puzzles or hardcore difficulty. Just pick your employees, level them up, watch as they earn cash – and you can’t go bankrupt. Your company makes money even when you’re offline (maximum 7 days), so even when you are offline, your fabulous worker bees will be hard at work, greeting you with a lump sum earned while you’re away.

gay game online

Story is presented through various events, sex scenes and conversation with your ready and willing subordinates in a form of chat. Be nice to them, and you will be rewarded!

There’s an element of clicker in this game, as clicking on your workers will make them work faster and earn you more money, and also keys. Keys are special rewards that allows you to open chest with prizes like tokens and more decorations. Keep hiring guys and you will be eventually rewarded with more and more money – and sex. Your employees also gain experience and upon leveling up, improve their abilities. Also don’t forget to claim your daily bonus, as the prizes will scale up for each day you’re picking it up.

There are even kind of PvP battles, where players compete with each other in leaderboard rankings for rewards.

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There are currently 15 workers to employ in your company, and you’ll be gradually unlocking guys. From eager hunks and ambitious office rats to coy geeks. I’m sure everyone will find its husbando in this game. At some point you can even move to bigger office, as your company will inevitably grow.

Speaking of decorations, you’ll be also able to decorate your office with various item you will be getting through completing certain milestones and from random chests.

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Having your own office (you’ll get it once you complete first part) will allow you to unlock abilities from a tree.

Fap CEO is available in browser, on Android smartphones and there is even stand-alone downloadable version. So it should work on basically every platform, from PC to smartphone. There is also version with girls, that is basically a resking of this game.

Sexiness factor

When it comes to character design and overall style, it’s closer to western cartoons than to manga (unlike “No, Thank You“) and some people might find it refreshing, while others would prefer hentai yaoi style.

fap ceo

That’s some really big dick!

All scenes and sexy pictures are accessible through gallery, so you can always get back to your achievements and reflect on hot guys.

fap ceo

Unfortunately, scenes are not animated. But they’re very arousing nevertheless!


+ More than 100 scenes to unlock

+ 15 hot guys – surely more are coming

+ Well written. Chat with your employees is sexy and enjoyable

+ It’s free (with optional microtransactions).


Gameplay can be repetitive – typical casual online game with premium currency.

–  Not much in terms of challenge – just enjoy scenes

Fap CEO is available on Nutaku, and requires free online account. There are microtransaction for faster leveling, but game plays fine without additional payments. Go ahead and bang those sexy interns! 🙂

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