Get to Work with Pretty Dudes in “Men Bang”

While there is a lot of yaoi manga and even some good gay anime like recently reviewed Junjou Romantica, when it comes to games, we aren’t spoiled. Luckily, Nutaku is publishing new LGBT games constantly and updates released titles, so you can get your fix of gayming thanks to their hot games, like Men Bang – kind of adult business sim and a casual clicker in one that features real pornstars.

This online game lets you start porn company, and employ dudes working on your XXX videos. As you can imagine, it’s pretty explicit, so if you’re looking for subtle romance and deep and engaging story similar to “No, Thank You”, it’s not here. But if you’re a fan of casual relaxing clickers with steamy sex – then you’re on the right track.

gay game pornstars

The game even features real pornstars talking kinky

If you’ve ever played other browser based games where you build some town or maybe harvest carrots on farm where everyone’s gay, it’s pretty similar, in a way that you’re gradually progressing by completing various tasks and unlocking new scenes. Basically, you’re adult movie maker, starting from single camera and building your enterprise to multi-million company. But first, you have to persuade your buddies to act on the camera, level up your relationships with them, improve your studio and unlock new skills. It’s pretty enjoyable, as you will be rewarded not only with (virtual) cash, but also with some really kinky sex. Also it’s worth adding that it is a gay version of previously released straight game with girls.

gay game men bang

Perform various actions to convince your friends to star in your film. You can even get your dudes to a date.

But even when you’re not directly playing the game (on your PC or smartphone), money is collected and skills are improved passively. There’s certain limit to as much money you can get. Offline progress can be stored for up to 7 days, so it’s worth play it once in a few days – especially that you’re getting daily bonuses for logging in too.

gay progress

I’m actually not well versed with male pornstars, but the game features real hunks like sweet Johnny Rapid, or gym rat Francois Sagat – about 30 in total. Getting more  guys rewards you with unlocking new skills. Unfortunately there is no voiceover, but the dialogues are funny and lighthearted. A bit like spicy gay rom-com.

gay game pornstar

Sexy game with horny dudes

I also like different art direction that doesn’t look like your run-of-the-mill hentai anime. Instead, it’s similar to old Flash games that I really like. BTW, I am actually against phasing out Flash from browsers, there was so much great content made in yesteryears on Newgrounds and similar sites and it’s a pity that it will be now harder to get. I know Flash is an old tech and full of vulnerabilities, but the retro look and old charm of games and animations make it really feels like it was internet pioneer. I even posted some Flash games here like Keric’s Complex 3.   It’s Adobe’s fault, that after buying it out from Macromedia, they let Flash become obsolete by not making enough patches to cover bugs and not releasing new versions, updated to modern standards. Real shame!

Going back to “Men Bang”, it’s made in HTML5, so it will be fully available not only on desktops, but also on tablets and smartphones, no matter which browser you’re using. But it was definitely inspired by independent Flash titles and I’m sure that art team worked previously in this software as it looks really similar, like it was drawn with vector graphics, instead of standard sprites.

retro gay flash

Just look at this artwork: looks retro in a really good way!

Completing tasks unlocks new sex scenes and everything can recollected through a gallery later. There are plenty of husbandos to choose from, so everyone should find it’s cake. And that’s not all – there is even PvP sequence, unlocked at later levels, where you’re challenging other players from around the world in contest, like which of your performers cums faster. To win againsto ther players, you will need to level up guys and dress them in various costumes, that enhances their skills.

Why is Men Bang worth playing?

  • One of just few yaoi online games
  • Can be played on mobile devices: smartphones and tablets too,
  • Very casual browser game – just have some fun clicking,
  • Not your typical anime artwork,
  • About thirty hot dudes to ‘employ’ in your business,
  • Updated regularly with new content,
  • Not really Pay to Win, as it’s pretty casual (at least in the beginning)
  • Features real pornstars,

As title suggests, go have some fun and bang pretty hunks. Game is available on Nutaku and as it’s browser based, requires free registration. Try it now and click your way to men’s hearts!

play men bang


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