Dragon Age Origins: The First Video Game with a Full Gay Romance

Ah, reminiscing about Dragon Age: Origins feels like flipping through an old photo album filled with fantasy adventures. Picture this: it’s 2009, and I’m diving headfirst into Thedas, a world that felt like a home away from home. But what made it truly special were the unexpected romances that blossomed.

I remember grinning like a Cheshire cat as my character cozied up with Zevran, the charming elven assassin. And let’s not forget Leliana, the bard with a heart of gold—I practically recruited her for her wit and stayed for the captivating love story that unfolded.

Dragon Age: Origins wasn’t just about slaying darkspawn; it was a game that shook things up by letting my character romance whoever struck their fancy, regardless of gender. It was like BioWare handed me a paintbrush and said, “Go on, create your own epic love story.”

So, seat by the campfire, and let’s stroll down memory lane, reliving the moments that made Dragon Age: Origins a not-so-ordinary gaming love affair. Interesting in romance in RPG? Then check out my Tome of Endless Romance review – a tabletop role-playing book full of warm embraces, love twists and forbidden desires.

Thedas: More Than Just a Landscape

Thedas in all its pixelated glory was fantastic realm. But it wasn’t just a map to explore; it was a canvas for epic love sagas. As I roamed through the lush landscapes, battling darkspawn, I couldn’t help but appreciate the fact that saving the world came with a side of romance.

Meet Zevran and Leliana: The Squad Goals

Now, let’s talk about the crew. Zevran, the smooth-talking elf with a penchant for assassination, and Leliana, the bard with more stories than a library, weren’t just tag-alongs. They were potential love interests, and BioWare basically handed us a menu and said, “Take your pick; love knows no boundaries here.”

Zevran: Charming AF and Fluid

Enter Zevran, the Casanova of Thedas. He wasn’t your run-of-the-mill video game heartthrob. No, he was charming, flirty, and, oh yeah, he didn’t play by the rules of traditional romance. BioWare was flexing its muscles, allowing to romance the assassin no matter the gender you choose in the beginning. BioWare opened the door to gay gaming experience, where players could navigate the ups and downs of love in Thedas with freedom. But thy was it revolutionary?

At the time most games stuck to the idea of “traditional” relationships, meaning romance options were usually limited to opposite-gender pairings. In Dragon Age: Origins, for the first time players could choose to romance characters like Zevran, regardless of their character’s gender. It was a move that made the game a revolution in LGBTQ+ representation in the gaming world.

Of course, not everyone was on board with this change. Some folks found it a bit too different from what they were used to in games. There were debates and discussions about whether this kind of inclusivity was necessary or if it was just stirring up trouble. In the end, though, Dragon Age: Origins stuck to its guns. It started conversations about representation in video games, pushing both game developers and players to think beyond the usual narratives.

Looking back, the game’s decision to include same-sex romances marked a turning point in the gaming world. It nudged the industry towards more diverse storytelling, setting the stage for other games to follow suit. While it may have raised eyebrows at the time, Dragon Age: Origins undoubtedly played a role in making video game relationships more varied and reflective of the real world – certainly not only for me.

Zevran Love Scene

Leliana: More Than Just a Pretty Songbird

Now, Leliana—more than just a pretty face with a lute. Her backstory was as intricate as her melodies, and when it came to romancing, she was all about breaking the mold, and could be romanced with a female PC.

So, why does Dragon Age: Origins still have that special place in my gaming heart? It was good old BioWare where they still made epic RPGs, and that’s why this game will forever be the OG in making love stories as epic as the battles fought in Thedas. Since Dragon Age: Origins is now an older game, it’s available literally for $5 on sale, so it’s worth picking it up on Steam – you won’t regret it!

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